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Motor Bike Insurance

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Helpful Tips

Having driving qualifications shows the insurer you are a responsible driver, and some insurers will value this by lowering your premiums.
If you have had previous experience, being a named driver on someone else's or a company car, this will reduce your insurance premiums.
Being a homeowner can sometimes reduce your premium.
Having one motoring conviction on your record can bump up the price by around 5%, and having 2 could jump the price up by 20%. Mobile Phone convictions can also be very costly on insurance premiums.
Some insurers will offer a discount to your premium if a tracker is fitted to your vehicle.
Having a higher voluntary excess usually lowers your insurance premiums.
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If you fill out our form located on our website, we can then look into your current situation and the conditions you are currently residing in. With the given information we will manually search to find insurance suited to your lifestyle, usually this is a more challenging premium which in turn will save you money and time.

We do not act as a broker or agent for any particular insurance company, although we act as an introducer. We provide you with links to comparison websites, and other various companies, to find you the best possible deal so that you can use our website with ease to save money. If you would like us to manually fill out any form on your behalf, we can do so, as long as you authorise us and provide us with accurate information. Based on the details given, we can provide you with prices from various different companies from price comparison sites. AIS Insurance does not make any personal recommendations as to the suitability of the policy to individual client’s circumstances.

Stay Legal

The law states that the registered keeper of a vehicle must keep it insured unless they’ve made a Statutory Off Road Notification. If you’re not insured and haven’t made a Statutory Off Road Notification, you could face a penalty, have the vehicle wheel-clamped, impounded, or destroyed.

If you are insured it is important to check that your vehicle details are recorded correctly on the Motor Insurance Database. You can do this for free by checking askMID here . Simply enter your vehicle registration number and if your details do not appear, or are incorrect, you should contact your insurance provider immediately so that they can update your records.